Mouth Guards: When Is It Recommended to Wear Them?

Playing sports can be enjoyable and fun until you experience a severe hit to your face or other traumas. These incidents are always probable during physical sports, and professional athletes consider the risk of facial trauma during the play. Furthermore, sports injuries are one of the most common causes of dental injuries to the face, teeth, jaw, or even soft tissues. In worst-case scenarios, they can lead to concussions. So, what can you do to prevent such problems and protect your dental well-being? In our Richmond Hill Smile Centre clinic, our experienced dentists always recommend athletes wear mouth guards in order to decrease the risk of such damaging incidents. However, it’s not the only situation forcing you to wear a mouthguard. There are so many other conditions when you have to add more protection to your teeth. Many people don’t know how these mouthguards are beneficial and what problems they can prevent. You can call our dentists for the best custom mouthguards in Richmond Hill if you want to preserve your adorable and pearly smile. This blog explains the importance of wearing a mouth guard and how it can effectively protect your oral health.

Tooth Displacement

A hard blow to your jaw can cause awful impacts and even make your teeth shift. In more severe cases, your tooth can become completely knocked out, which is the most serious dental emergency. It’s highly recommended to visit our Richmond Hill emergency dentists if you want to have these problems perfectly managed and save your smile. Wearing a custom mouth guard can reduce the impact of a collision on your face and prevent tooth displacement.

Costly Procedures

It’s a very wise choice to buy a cost-effective mouthguard rather than pay money for costly and invasive treatments. For instance, a severe hit to your face can force you to undergo tooth extraction in order to replace that severely damaged tooth. You can come to our dental clinic to receive the best tooth removal services in Richmond Hill in the easiest way possible. Then, you can replace that missing tooth with options like implants, dentures, or bridges. An experienced implant dentist can tell whether you are a suitable candidate or whether you have to choose other selections.

Tooth Damage

Teeth grinding, sports injuries, accidents, and other incidents can significantly damage your teeth. As you know, a cracked or fractured tooth is a serious problem that should be immediately handled by proper restorations. Our dentists offer the highest quality Richmond Hill crown services to cover and restore the chipped tooth. Yet, wearing a mouth guard can significantly reduce the risk of such problems and is a better option than restoring your teeth.

Soft Tissues Injuries

Biting your tongue or cheek after experiencing an impact on your face is expected. It’s considered soft tissue injury, which is very important to treat before causing infection or other serious health issues.

All these problems can be perfectly prevented by wearing a custom mouthguard. However, you should still ask our Richmond Hill oral hygienists for more effective tips and visit a professional for regular checkups.

Mouth Guards: When Is It Recommended to Wear Them?

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