Crowns Vs. Veneers: All Important Information You Need Before Choosing One

Crowns Vs. Veneers: All Important Information You Need Before Choosing One

These days, dentists offer more beneficial and practical benefits, and that’s the reason many patients are confused when they want to choose one. As a matter of fact, it’s very critical to make your decision wisely and understand what you really need in order to have improved oral wellness and a more attractive smile. Two of the most popular options many patients like to receive are veneers and crowns, which are becoming more and more prevalent. Most patients ask our experienced dentists at Richmond Hill Smile Centre about the differences between these two procedures since our specialists are perfectly educated and knowledgeable. Although they are similar, there are many things that make these two dental restorations completely different. Furthermore, they are so practical, and that’s why many of our professionals, like cosmetic or emergency dentists in Richmond Hill, use them in the treatments to achieve optimal outcomes. Keep reading today’s blog if you want to make the most fitted choice in the end.

How Are They Similar?

  • Care:It’s very important to take good care of them no matter whether you have received veneers or crowns. It’s crucial to pay additional attention to where the porcelain meets your tooth and clean that gum line carefully to prevent possible problems. You can ask our Richmond Hill oral hygienists for more effective tips and instructions so you can keep those restorations healthy and strong. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to use our quality mouth guards in Richmond Hill if you are a professional athlete or used to grind your teeth. It protects your crown or veneer from getting broken or chipped in the long run.
  • Procedure:They both are usually made from porcelain unless you choose any other option. In both treatments, your dentist needs to prepare the tooth by removing a few layers of the enamel before bonding the restoration. It may take a few weeks for them to be made, and you return to the dental clinic at that time. Our dental lab offers the highest quality of Richmond Hill veneers and crowns, and you should visit us for more information.
  • Cost:Although crowns are a bit more expensive, they both are offered in a similar range of cost. However, they are not as expensive as our other services, like implants in Richmond Hill, and you can also check if your intended insurance covers a portion of the cost.

Which One Do You Need?

  • There are some occasions when our Richmond Hill crown service is a more appropriate option. If you have a severely cracked, decayed and chipped tooth or have undergone root canal therapy recently, they are a better option due to the more coverage.
  • There are some occasions when you need to choose veneers instead. If you have strong teeth but with visible flaws, you are an eligible candidate. For instance, you can consider veneers if our professional teeth whitening in Richmond Hill can’t affect the stubborn stains on your teeth.

You can visit our specialists for a detailed consultation. Make your first appointment now!

Crowns Vs. Veneers: All Important Information You Need Before Choosing One

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